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Camil Escruela

The Barcelonian artist, Camil Escruela, born in 1990, is known in the world of urban art for capturing scenes around graffiti artists, their everyday lives and social issues. Always playing with his unique characters. Camil is a self-taught artist, it was in 2004 when he began to participate in the world of graffiti as a result of his natural attraction to street art. At first, he became interested in classic graffiti, but soon abandoned it to use logo graffiti, a ghost with a mouth and eyes that he used as a signature. Hence the artist’s interest in continuing with the aesthetics of the characters derived from the comics and illustrations. His works include urban influences, the irreverence of graffiti, and the allusion to contemporary codes and symbols. His characters give Camil freedom to develop the narrative he wants. He improvises as he draws, letting his imagination flow along with his understanding, naturally, through the impulse of playing. The artist gambles with materials, colors, characters and the piece itself. He has been particularly interested and influenced by great artists such as Javier Mariscal, Pablo Picasso, and the illustrator Pilarín Bayés.


Some of his exhibitions are “Milenial” (2016) and “Trajectòria” (2017) at Gallery Contrast, “Wallspot Exhibition” (2018) at Montana , ”Barcelona Porsche art” (2018) at Centro Porsche Barcelona “Team” (2019) at the Contorno Urbano foundation, “B-local” (2021) at Nau Bostik . “Fresco Fresco collective” (2022) at Adda Gallery Ibiza , “The spray game” (2022-23) at Montana Gallery.