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Lily brick artist

lily Brick

Lily Brick was born in Lleida in 1990. She studied Advertising Graphic Design in her hometown. For five years, she worked as a designer for different companies and organizations. Later she was the director of a printing company, where she managed staff, resources and coordinated the design area. After two years at the head of this printing company, she began to explore new ways of channeling her artistic interests, in that search, she discovered spray paint. Her first works were in the public gardens of Lleida and on the outskirts of the city. The discovery of these works by curious observers in the middle of rural landscapes led to the beginning of her profession and her first commissioned mural. The images of her works quickly spread on social networks and soon went viral, which made her art become widely known.

10 years later, street art has become her passion. More than 300 works in very different parts of the world bear Lily’s signature. In 2017, she began the internationalization of her career in France, with her participation in the Hotel 128 project. Subsequently, multiple projects emerged, including murals in Gambia, at the European Space Agency in Holland, at the Artscape Festival event in Sweden, Techfest IIT Bombay in India, at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg (Germany), The Hague Street Art Festival in Holland, Happy Walls Festival in Saidia (Morocco), Hola Utopia Hannover in Germany, Lancaster (California, USA), London (UK), Lelystad (Holland) and lately in Aurec-sur-Loire (France).

With her murals, she is inspired by humanity and tries to focus on the looks of strong women, whose gazes reflect humanity and power. Since she entered the world of street art, the main techniques she has developed have been spray paint, acrylic paint, brushes and rollers.