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Soy feo pero te amo Soy feo pero te amo art Barcelona Artquemy Gallery Bcn

Soy feo pero te amo

Nobody can tell you what you can love or not, it’s subjective, same as art.
That’s why Michel Raimondo created Soy Feo Pero Te Amo in 2018 when he turned 19 years old. It started as a social critique about art and established tastes. Soy Feo Pero Te Amo ® or ImUglyButAiLoviu uses a socially “negative” term and transforms it into something “positive”.

The artist has explored different techniques and disciplines to express himself such as poetry, graffiti and fashion. In 2019 he opened his first private tattoo studio in Buenos Aires. In 2020 with dreams of continuing to grow with his best friend Bruno Cambra, they opened Studio Inercia, a tattoo and art studio that today they call “home” more than 11 local artists and several international artists. With his creations Michel has been able to travel the world, his works and poems are carried in the skin of people. Now his pieces are going to be hung on the walls.