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Okobé - Artist


Sergio Aparicio is an afro visual artist and professional photographer also known as OKOBÉ. Born and raised in Barcelona. Growing up he was surrounded by his family who were jazz musicians, where he first started displaying his artistic expressions through the underground music scene in Barcelona. During this time, he also completed a university degree with a masters in African History. It was through this course that his exploration into African identity begun, thus igniting his personal quest – eventually leading him to connect with his ancestors through photography. Interweaving the blindness that his great-grandma suffered, his work explores many themes such as the dystopia between race, racial politics, and identity through capturing the reflection of melanin to translate this social dilemma to his artworks.

In 2019 he was shortlisted in the Portrait Photography category by the Sony World Photo Organization, and again in 2021 forming the top 10 Professional Portfolios for his series “The Blind Who Can See”. His work has exhibited at the renowned Somerset House in London, and his solo exhibition “Blacktion” debuted across numerous galleries in London and Barcelona. OKOBÉ has also collaborated with global international artists such as Nakhane, Laura Mvula Common, 1000Kings, and companies such as Warner, Atlantic Records, and Jazz Re:freshed.

His other works include his 2019 film debut “GALSEN. The language of souls”; a movie that explores his African roots and its influence on art. It was selected in more than fifteen international film festivals around the world including the prestigious “Pan African Film Festival” in Los Angeles- California.