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Lourdes Villagómez art

Lourdes villagómez

From Characteristic Symbols of Mexican Culture and Heritage, to Portraits. Fresh, colorful and unique style. Positive vision and a deep love for her roots. Works with symbolic meaning that integrate and celebrate beauty, color and joy. Lourdes’ work invites you to look closely to appreciate the integration of elements characteristic of Mexican tradition and culture, as well as to find the hidden symbols.

Lourdes has collaborated on a variety of projects for national and international brands. Her fresh, symbolic and colorful style has managed to take advantage of the country’s cultural richness and transform it into a generator of identity and value. These are some of the brands with which Lourdes has worked, both doing murals and designs: Absolut, Cabify, EA Sports, Facebook, Hershey’s, Levis, Liverpool, Netflix, Nike, Pandora, PayPal, Sally Hansen, Skullcandy, Vichy and Formula One Mexico. She has done solo exhibitions mostly in México, United States and Italy.


  • Lourdes Villagómez artLourdes Villagómez Artist
    Painting, Print

    El Jaguar y las Piñas